Wednesday, January 27, 2016

First Day of School

My darling Charlotte and Daniel

We have been counting down to this day for quite a few months as we shopped and bought all the necessities and spoke extensively about what it means to be going to big school.

Charlotte, you would ask what it means to do homework.
To that, I tell you it's like the lessons we do at home. And you smile.

Daniel, you would ask if there are many toilets at school.
To that, I tell you that there are many, many toilets. And you smile.

I cannot believe that the day is here.

Both of you wore your uniforms proudly, put on your socks and school shoes, carried your backpacks that are too big for you and consented to the endless photos that daddy and I kept taking. We cannot help ourselves. This is a HUGE day for our family and we only get to do this ONCE.

We walked together as a family into your school and it was a hive of activity. Vibrant, busy and full of happy faces. We settled into your classroom for a spot of drawing and when it was time for us to leave, I almost lost it and held  it in because I didn't want to upset the both of you.

Then the realisation hit Daniel and he started tearing. Charlotte you almost followed suit when you saw Daniel's reaction. The teacher aides jumped to our rescue by sitting next to you while we exited calmly out of your classroom.

It is a mixed kind of a day, in a positive sense. 

Three months shy of 5 years old and you are in Primary School. It is days like this that I am so grateful that you have each other. 

I love you both so much and am so very proud.

Always your #1 fan,


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