Monday, February 1, 2016

Confession from last year

Last year was our final year with childcare and it was an option for me to continue after the Christmas & New Year holidays before they went to Primary School. I thought long and hard about this very attractive offer.

I was initially hesitant because I would no longer have 'me' time and that it was up to me to plan 5 weeks worth of 'fun'! How was I going to reconcile with both?

Well, I am up for a challenge most days and reminded myself that the children will only be young for a very short period of time and that they will prefer the companionship of their friends in a matter of time so seize the opportunity.

That we did! 

I am amaze that there was some place to go every day even if it is only to the supermarket and that I thoroughly enjoyed the companionship of my children every single day.

Here is what we got up to:
  • 3 day vacation to the Gold Coast with my parents from overseas
  • So much fun at Inflatable World
  • Kept cool by watching 2 movies at the cinemas
  • Half a day at Thomas & Friends exhibit and show at the Railway museum
  • Into the city for my business meeting
  • Checked out the 'new' botanic gardens
  • Lunches in cafes, restaurants and fast food outlets
  • Explored Sunny bank and bought Asian produce
  • Went to White Water Park twice 
  • Went to Dreamworld once
  • Bought groceries every third day (yes they ate heaps)
  • Swam almost every afternoon in our pool
  • Went to an indoor playground as part of their reward 
  • Stayed in the city over a weekend and explored our river city
  • Checked out several Westfield Shopping Centers 
  • Daily lessons with the children to prepare them for school
  • Hung out at home - drawing, reading, playing, cooking, cleaning

Being on holidays with them was better than I thought - it was great.

We are looking forward to our next break - Easter Holidays!

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