Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Entering a new phase

Five weeks ago, we entered a new phase when the twins entered primary school as prep students. Mornings are not a struggle for them because they go to bed at 7 pm and are awake anytime after 6 am. They have leisurely mornings at home before being taken to school by their daddy and when the school ends for the day, I am there to pick them up.

It is a hive of organised activities when we get home in the afternoons.

  • The wipe down of lunch bags, wash up of morning tea & lunch boxes.
  • The packing of morning tea & lunch boxes for the next day.
  • Bring in the laundry that the husband has hung out in the morning - fold and return to respective wardrobes.
  • The house gets a quick vacuum.
  • The kids tidy their messes from the morning.
  • Start cooking dinner 
  • Sit down at the table with the kids for a spot of home work 
  • If time permits, a dip in our pool before dinner.
  • Showers
  • Dinner and clean up
  • Reading / drawing / a spot of television
  • Bedtime

We have also made a  conscious decision to only have one out of school activity and that is their weekly swimming lessons because they enjoy it and have been going for lessons since they were 6 month young infants.

Admittedly, some days are 'easier' than others. Still, I wouldn't have it any other way because it enables me to be a parent who is always present in their lives. That to me, is most important and am grateful that my career allows me to do this.

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