Wednesday, February 24, 2016

That thing call HOMEWORK

Pupils and parents cannot escape this. Go ahead and laugh-at-this. My children are only in Prep and yes, I have barely scratched the surface with this activity and already I am like a Drill Sergeant. 

Call it upbringing / the Asian way, call it whatever you like. For me, it is a combination of those two and the fact that when something needs to be done, just do it. Get it over and done with so that it is not hanging around like a strand of white hair on my head of black hair!

I need to ease off on my expectations (do not chant "B minus is a Chinese F") - words must be written on the line, sit straight on the chair, sight words must be remembered and pronounced correctly, colour inside the line, hold that pencil properly, etc.

I really don't mind doing homework with my children from Mondays - Fridays because I believe (blame the Asian in me) routine & intent of homework breeds consistency in learning and the love of learning is further enhanced by making it fun.

I need to curb my impatience. Seriously. I am too impatient even for my liking. My family has been bearing the brunt especially my darling son who is very kind hearted and aims to please all-the-time.

Two days into another school week and so far so good. It is smiles all around. The children are so enthusiastic about learning that they have even given up their 30 min TV time before bed. Daniel loves reading and Charlotte loves beautifying her weekly homework!

Young children are very forgiving. I am so thankful. They still want me to cuddle and kiss them despite my loud and often unreasonable outbursts!

Another reminder to myself - They are still young. Do not be harsh. In fact, Charlotte and Daniel are turning 5 years of age in two months time. Cultivate their love for learning - that will aid us in sustaining this homework business for the next 13 years!

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