Monday, April 18, 2016

Turning 5

My darling children,

You will be turning 5 in five days time. WOW. 

In the year leading up to your birthdays, you have both achieved and experienced so much! Like going to the EKKA for the first time, cycling independently without your training wheels, loving roller coasters and theme parks, enjoying beach holidays ...

Back when you were 4+ years old 

Our recent holiday

... the most significant of all, entering primary school.

I am so proud of the both of you for taking to this major milestone SO WELL. You are engaged in learning, enjoy being guided by your teachers and most of all, the social connections with your classmates. 

I love that you still crave for cuddles and always ask for more along with tickles. Especially before bedtime.

I love that we can share jokes because you understand them.
I love that we can exchange ideas and am amaze when your responses make sense!

I love that you love being around mummy and daddy even on days when we are cranky.

I love that we still have showers together because it is quicker this way.
I love that we go the supermarket together because we have so much fun.

I love that you insist on waking up early because you want to see me before I leave for the office at 6:10am.

I love that we love and accept each other because we need time and space away from each other from time to time.
I love that we share the same humour and trying out different cuisines.

I love that you love and care deeply for each other. Actions speak louder than words.

Sitting on top of all that, I love that you chose me to be your mummy and am so honored to be spending your birthdays with you.

Loving the both of you from the moon and back x infinity,

Your mummy and #1 fan for life


  1. Beautiful Mags! Sounds like they are awesome nearly 5 year olds. You leave for work at 6:10 - holy cow!! Next time you're down our way you must drop in so we can see them again - it's been a while lol. xx

    1. Thank you Linda. Yes the next time we are down your way, we must be sure to call on you and Bruce. You are my reality check, afterall! :-)