Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Some days can be overwhelmingly stressful.
Others days can be magically organised.

Some days have me questioning why we do what we do.
Other days have me marveling at what we have achieved, individually and as a family.

I also remind myself that this is life and ...

Things happens for a reason.
Rise above the drama.
Lead a purposeful life.
School holidays are just around the corner!
(p.s. I really LOVE school holidays)

2016 has been an incredible year so far.

The twins entered primary school and thrive in that environment. Their teachers speak glowingly of their behaviors, learning attitudes and kindness towards friends. We couldn't be more proud and pleased. They continue to attend weekly swimming classes and commenced piano lessons a few months ago.

The husband continues to demonstrate his prowess in the landscaping department which has enhanced the way we live in and around our home. "Everything takes time when you do it properly" - he reminds me. Indeed and as they say The proof is in the pudding!

We are blessed with stable careers (and in jobs that we enjoy) and it has been an incredibly busy year for the companies we work for. That means longer work hours, a lot more work travels, more time away from home, etc...which translates into a whole lot more planning and juggling. We seem to co-exist in survival mode during the school terms.

Our reprieve comes in the form of school holidays when we thrive as a family. Doing everyday normal things without the need to rush or be on a schedule. 

April school holidays saw us vacationing on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts, we enjoyed a long weekend staycation in our home city during the June / July vacation and the last school holidays was spent on a farm in a rural & remote location as well as an overnight stay on the Sunshine Coast.

When the school holidays seem like a distant memory and I catch myself in a state of flux, I am reminded that children never say "I had a hard day. Please leave me alone." Instead, they say "Will you play with me?"

We ditch the school work.
I leave the clean laundry on the line.

We each grab an icy pole from the freezer.
I ring my neighbour to ask if we can take her cute dog for a walk.

We go for a walk and play in the park.
I smile and laugh with the children.

We have conversations without distractions.
I marvel at how quickly they are growing.

We look at the colours of the clouds and feed the family of ducks.
I love that my children loves animals.

We hold hands and make up songs.
I pause to hug and kiss my children.

Life. Is. Good.

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