Monday, November 28, 2016

Should you tell the truth about Santa?

The myriad of opinions about this subject matter is polarising. To tell the truth or not especially when we espouse that "honesty is the best policy".

For me, this is not black and white because a lot more ought to be said and done about preserving the innocence, wonderment and imagination that resides with being a young child. 

The fact is this. Children are growing up quicker than we would like them to be. Through conversations, observations and their surroundings. We also protect them in the choices we make and reinforce them if need be.

We love Christmas because we get to spend it with the ones we love and as for the children, it is about the presents. The thrill and excitement on their faces is magical and contagious! They also know that if they have been good, Santa will deliver ONE special present for each of them on Christmas Eve when they are fast asleep.

A few weeks ago, my precocious 5 year old daughter asked me if the Santa Clauses she sees at the shopping centres are merely men dressed up in costume. I was dumbfounded and decided that I needed to tell her the truth without stripping the gloss of Santa Claus.

"Yes the Santa Clauses in shopping centres are the assistants who meet children and find out what they would like. These assistants are very special because they have a special telephone line to Santa Claus in the North Pole!"

As ridiculous as that explanation was, she smiled and went with it. Thankfully. I have dodged the bullet for another year.

On the weekend, we met Santa Claus. They spent a few precious minutes with him and spoke about presents they desire from him - a box of Num Noms for her and a Hot Wheels Track for him. They were absolutely thrilled with the experience and at that moment, I wanted to bottle up their innocence and wonderment - never to let that go.

Certainly, I am not delusional and know that the truth will prevail in time to come, just  not this year. Let them be children for the years of innocence & wonderment are getting shorter.

From our family to yours, have a magical Christmas.

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