Friday, December 9, 2016

We did SO GOOD!

Earlier in the year, this happened. They entered Primary School before turning 5 years of age and as their parents, we hoped that they would socialise well, enjoy school and engage in learning. They excelled in all three areas and we are so proud of them.

As a family, I think we have done exceptionally well with our endless juggling of careers, household chores, school work, after school activities and trying our utmost in keeping on top of other commitments even though more often than not, we feel like the wheels are falling off the wagon!

I am particularly grateful that I have been a participant of school activities that my children are involved in:
  • Fortnightly school assemblies
  • All excursions
  • Spent an entire day at school on their birthdays
  • Mother's Day Afternoon Tea
  • Sports Day
  • Swimming Carnival
  • School break up party

It has been a huge year for us and looking at the following photos, they too have undergone growth spurts!

I hope the year has been good for you and your family too!

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