Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Cruising with the family

One of the highlights from our last holiday in Asia saw us cruise from Singapore to Port Klang (Malaysia) and Phuket (Thailand) for 5 days 4 night on board "Mariner of the Seas" by Royal Caribbean. 

Allow me to dispel this myth that cruising is boring and only for older people because our experience is far from this! It was fun, exciting and I even took afternoon naps so that I had enough energy for the evening activities.

You can go all out - run around and attempt all the activities on offer / pick and choose / lounge around the pool and not do much. There is really something for everyone.

The daily 'live' stage shows are certainly not to be missed. We were blown away by the high production values - we were enthralled and for the twins, it was unlike anything they have seen and experienced.

We had an interconnecting room with my parents and that meant the sleeping arrangements were very comfortable. Each twin took turns sleeping in our room and my parents' room. Absolutely perfect. 

Day Trip to Phuket
We had two opportunities to get off the cruise to explore. Port Klang and Phuket. We decided to stay on board for the first port and enjoyed the many facilities on the cruise. Phuket was the second port of disembarkation and we jumped at the opportunity. 

As we did not have any Thai Baht on hand and had no intention to purchase anything, we walked the busy streets, swam in the waters and soaked in the Thai hospitality. It was a carefree afternoon of just being together in a foreign country. We loved it.

Time certainly whizzed by very quickly on this cruise holiday and we wished it were longer. We were wined and dined impeccably (including the twins), attended all the 'live' game shows and even participated in them, went to the jazz bar, the husband & i joined fellow passengers and raved in the 70's party held along the main promenade and concluded a fun evening in the disco with more dancing...we did feel young that night and it's a feeling we haven't felt in 20 years!

We all agreed that we would like to go on another cruise with many more nights! That is how much fun we had. It was a holiday to remember for many reasons.

This cruise holiday was a gift from my loving and generous mummy. She is unconditional in her love for me and my family. When she first brought up the idea of cruising and paying for all of us, I was very touched by her generosity and told her that we should be paying for them! She declined and told me that it would give her immense joy to spend it on us because we are a family. WOW. Thank you so much mummy for this wonderful gift so that we are able to enjoy each others' company and create memories together.

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