Monday, January 23, 2017

First Day of School: Year 1

After 6 weeks of fantastic school holidays, we are all slowly easing into reality. Last week, the parents were back at work and today, the children head back to school.

They are no longer preppies like the previous year and are YEAR 1 students! Quite a few operational changes in their class as they no longer have a teacher aide, are expected to be more independent and have their own stationary tray.

Daniel was overwhelmed by the busyness of Day 1 drop offs, new teacher, new classroom, new classmates, etc. I would too! He bawled his eyes out when it was time for me to leave them. His teacher took his hand while I slipped away very quickly. Never linger.

I look forward to catching up with them at the end of their first day of school. 
Here's wishing all parents, carers and children a most fantastic academic year.

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