Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Oh my! 6 years old, already?!

Dearest babies,

I know you are no longer babies but I still love calling you that because you are and will always be my babies.

Charlotte and Daniel, you make me so proud to be your mummy and sometimes, you are my teachers. 

Both of you (sometimes) display wisdom and maturation beyond your years and other times, drive me insane with your age appropriate antics. Let's just say, we keep each others' on our toes regularly.

Charlotte, twin #1 as you often remind your brother, is a knowing, considerate and helpful young girl. Often planning your next move, considerate of the needs of those around you and can always be found by my side whenever I am in the kitchen whipping up meals. You are diligent with your school work and enjoy reading. Playing Barbie dolls, creating craft and accesorising yourself are your favourite past-times.

Daniel, twin #2 who gives the best cuddles is a loyal, loving and resilient young boy. You are an easy going kid who enjoys having family / friends stay over in our home. The one who has undergone surgeries, speech and occupational therapies - you are one resilient kid who always has a smile on your face. You always give your best with your school work sometimes with a few tears thrown in but never giving up. WOW. Playing with your trains, cars and bugs are your favourite past-times.

Charlotte and Daniel. What a formidable pair you are. May your sunny dispositions, beautiful manners and love for life follow you wherever you go. 

I love you both to the moon and back x infinity.

Happy 6th birthdays, babies!

Always your #1 fan,

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