Thursday, May 25, 2017

There's something about Charlotte

Charlotte has acute hearing when the top of a bottle of sparkling water is removed. She appears out of nowhere with eyes glistening and lips smacking together with the hope that she receives a tall glass of "Happy Bubbles"!

She is an intuitive young girl who always seems to know when she is most needed. Be it next to me at the kitchen island, hanging up and removing laundry or sitting next to me when I need a silent presence to gather my sanity.

Charlotte is an action speaks louder kind of daughter. She hardly utters "I love you", writes letters of appreciation for what I have done, every artwork she creates is dedicated to me and is most demanding of cuddles at bedtime - "100 cuddles please, mama."

This precocious child has the knack of reading people and me in particular. She is able to finish my sentences and has the ability to anticipate & plan. Charlotte has taught herself and her brother to lay their PJs on our bed after they have changed into their school uniforms / going out clothes so that "it is one less thing we need to do later" and she chooses the snacks for our car rides while delegating her brother to fill up their drink bottles. Just to name a few.

Beneath that young face, lies a girl wise beyond her years.

Most things come naturally for Charlotte and therefore she struggles with "failure". As such, one of the questions asked of the children in our car ride home from school is How have you failed today? 

Like her twin brother, Charlotte is a humble young lass who does not draw attention to herself and it is heartening to watch her thrive. She is not complacent and always strives to do her best. 


She started learning to play the piano 8 months ago and was selected by her teacher to perform at her first recital. She was the youngest pianist at this session

We are very proud of Charlotte and especially the character traits of giving her best consistently, being considerate and kind to all around her.

Our wish is for her to follow her heart and mind in whatever she chooses to undertake and to continue doing it with humility and grace.

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