Tuesday, May 23, 2017

There's something about Daniel

Daniel is the kind of kid who instinctively cuddles you when the chips are down. He is also the kid who says "I love you" without prompting. Loyal, loving and resilient are three character traits that are synonymous with him. 

From a young age, he suffered from countless ear infections which saw him in the years that follow, day surgeries involving grommet insertions in both ears. One of the downsides with those countless ear infections mean fluent language does not come naturally for him and we still read daily to him (and his sister) and used to attend fortnightly speech therapies for 1.5 years prior to schooling.

When he started squinting, we took him to an ophthalmologist who placed him under extensive assessment and prescribed Daniel with spectacles to be worn for the next few years. 

Last year, we noticed that he was challenged in the area of sequencing - he finds it difficult to follow 3 step instructions and above. An appointment was made with the Occupational Therapist (OT) for an assessment and the recommendation is for him to  attend sessions with her every fortnight with the focus on "Working Memory". The OT makes it really fun and he looks forward to each session with Charlotte and I in tow.

Despite his challenges, he is our quiet achiever. Even when the going gets tough, he never lashes out or draws attention to himself. Preferring to work through it on his own or with us by his side. Everyone who comes in contact with Daniel are drawn to him because he is polite, nice and friendly.

This year, his Year One teacher has told us on numerous occasions that he tries his absolute best in his studies and is a most lovely boy in class. She ensures that he sits in the front row and in the centre so that she can check in on him from time to time. Teachers like her are highly appreciated and we are very thankful for her. Recently, he was acknowledged for being just that.



He is very proud of his recent achievements and rightfully so. Daniel remains a humble student who does not draw attention to himself. In fact, I only found out about them when I spotted a certificate in his folder and noticed the sticker on his jumper on another day! When I asked him about them, he stated as a matter of fact that he was happy and looked forward to reading more!

We are thrilled that our son is such a sensible boy at a tender age. Our wish is for him to continue embracing the trait of "giving his best" in whatever he sets his heart and mind to.

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