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Project Pause

It's usually towards the end of the year when I feel the familiar tune of busyness at its crescendo. I felt that a fortnight ago and it wasn't even June. Just as well, we have a good home routine with the twins because the alternative is simply unfathomable.  

Our respective careers have kept us incredibly engaged with current and future projects. The husband has been working incredibly long hours which included weekends for 9 weeks at a stretch and a nine day trip overseas - we are very proud of him. When the twins are in bed (usually by 7 pm), I turn into a non-verbal recluse. My brain requires that while I hold a mug of steaming, soothing sleepy tea. Breathing its steam deeply and smiling quietly to myself. I have earned this.

The twins lead pretty full lives too and given that they are only 6 years of age, I applaud them for their high work ethics and tenacity to take on more than what they should be bearing at their age.

One night I found myself unable to asleep so I jumped online and booked us on a mini weekend break. Enough was enough. We needed to regroup as a family and just ditch the mountain of household chores and homework. Stop. Just breathe.

We checked into a funky hotel on the Gold Coast for just one night. Upon check in, I took a nap and the twins watched a movie in the embrace of their daddy. It was a perfect Saturday afternoon being together. 

Project Pause. Spontaneous and totally necessary.