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Questions to ask kids after school

It is true that time flies even faster when they start school. Just like that, they are in Year 2 and will be turning 7 years of age in a few months. They are definitely taller, certainly more knowing and are generally nice kids.

When I pick them up in the afternoons, it is often a challenge getting any information out of them regarding their day and their usual response is "we did so much and cannot remember" so I turned the tables on them.

On Tuesday, I asked them to find out (through observation) what makes their teacher smile / laugh. Their observations informs me that she has a terrific sense of humour!

Yesterday evening, they told me that one of their classmates has special needs so an opportunity presented itself. Their task is to introduce themselves and give him a high 5. "What if he does not high 5 back?" asked Charlotte. "Well, just tell him - have a nice day" was my response. Charlotte and Daniel beamed.

What about you? What do you ask your children after school?