Monday, May 14, 2018

Tooth Fairy Came Knocking

It's been a long time coming as they look on enviously at their friends with gaps in their gums and wonder when their turns will come. Naturally, there has also been animated conversations about the Tooth Fairy and the amount of money she leaves behind. 

The innocence and imagination in childhood is so precious & hilarious and I will be cultivating them for as long as possible. 

Anyway, Daniel is the first cab off the rank. His bottom teeth had been wobbling for a few weeks and the acute angle of his tooth on the morning of Mother's Day indicated it might (finally) happen and ... 

... a quick squeeze of his cheeks and popped! Awww.. that little teeth that I grew in my tummy. It's sooo teeny tiny. Oh my heart. On Mother's Day. 

He is one up on his sister and darn proud of that! All her teeth are still rigidly in place so a little more patience is required.

Yes the Tooth Fairy crept into their bedroom last night and left a $1 gold coin on his side table and removed his teeth (in a zip lock bag no less).

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